February 15, 2010

A rollercoaster of thoughts ...

What a couple of weeks.It has definately had its ups and downs ..

When I initially had the idea to do this trip (about two years ago), there was always plenty of time to plan and organize. Now time is about to run out and far too quickly! Still lots to do, but I will have to leave some of it for South Africa or to do along the way. Two more weeks of work and then a four (or five?) month break. I am starting to get quite excited - or wait! No! Maybe "worried" , "stressed" or “scared” are more appropriate words - you see, I have never been on a "holiday" for this long before and not quite sure how I will handle it. To be honest, I am not totally convinced that I know how to have a proper holiday anymore. When last did you live your own life, not driven by the urge to work and continue to grow the nest egg? And grow it for who? Simply put: No Work = No Income = Less comfortable lifestyle. So what part of that is 'holiday'? But hey, what’s wrong with that? Enough of those creature comforts ... who needs them anyway ... if half the world manages to live without them, I am sure that I can do it for a few months.

Okay, now I am starting to feel bad. Why am I worrying about ridiculous things like 'temporary loss of income' when there are others far worse off than I will ever be? What is it that makes the need for money so addictive? Will we ever have enough? Is there ever a time when we decide to stop because we have enough? Nah, I didn’t think so. Does'nt that make it an addiction? Is this ‘democracy’ and our ‘strive for more’ all it is really cracked up to be? Are we really better off than Africa or are we also trapped in our own downward spiral (addicted to money)?

To be honest there are far more serious things to be worried about on this trip - what about the motorbike that I have chosen as my weapon to attack this trip with? .. African diseases? .. wild animals? .. political instability in Africa? .. the bad condition of African roads .. trigger happy Africans? .. .. the lack of medicines, petrol, drinkable water etc ? or the fact that Sudan (yes, remember the Darfur region) will be having their first election in 20 years at the same time that I am travelling through? .. or what about the fact that I will be on my own for the majority of the trip? Hey, what happens if I come off my motorbike, get badly injured, and there is no-one around for miles to help me?

... well, I have thought about it all!

To be honest I have got a lot of support from family and friends, but every now and again the "sensible ones" (and sometimes thats me included) have to spoil the dream with these thoughts. Is it concern? Is it jealousy? Who knows? Who cares!

All I can say is that this is what I have chosen to do! Probably not the smartest thing I've done, but who cares. If you don’t live your life then maybe you don’t deserve to have it. Remember, you will be dead for a very long time - so live your life while you can!

.. and if, through the charity, I/we can help other people live their lives to the best of their abilities, then why the hell not?

Here's to life changing experiences! Just do it.

Only two weeks to go ... and I cant wait!

Jaag maar aan

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ewa said...

He he, it seems as if we all have the same thoughts before embarking on such a trip! You are not alone. It is absolutely awesome not having responsibilities for a while - enjoy it!

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