February 19, 2010

Crating the bike

Spent the day today at Causeway KTM getting the bike crated-up for the big trip over to Africa. Yup, the time has finally arrived to send the bike off! I have decided to fly the bike across rather than ship it - just so that I know it will be there when I get to Johannesburg - well, hopefully anyway.

(I have read a few posts on the internet where motorbike expeditions have had to be abandoned because the riders pitch up at the airport only to find that their motorbikes are still weeks away, stuck in a ship container somewhere.)

Air freight is probably more expensive than shipping, but much more reliable and does'nt include costly seaport taxes.

I must admit it has been a rather strange day - spent the day watching the bike getting stripped after weeks of me trying to put it all together. Quite frustrating. Lets hope I remember how to put it all back together when I get to Johannesburg :-)

Causeway KTM have been great - the motorbike crate cost me only a crate of beer!
Thanks Ram, Dave, Brock and Brendan!!

Crated by: Causeway KTM ($200 labour)
Trucking to Airport: Motorcycle Movers ($80)
Air Freight service (Perth to Jhb): Export Air ($3025 on SAA)
CdP Clearance Company in Jhb: U-bag (R1000)


Anonymous said...

So Exciting Bok!!! have a wonderful Time!!! and say hi to the Fam in SA!!! i will be following closely!! much love, your Lil Sis, Tam

Anonymous said...

Gareth....is that you "kissing" your bike good bye there! :P
have fun dude...looking forward to more updates.

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