January 26, 2010

One Month to Go

So, one month to go! So much still to organise.

On 26 February 2010 I am flying to Johannesburg to try and attemp a Trans-Africa motorbike trip. Most of the trip will be solo, but some South African mates may join for some of the way - they have still not yet decided :-) I have wanted to do this trip for ages. In my opinion Africa is a 'must see' continent with sooo much to offer. I was born in Rhodesia and grew up in South Africa, so Africa is in my blood. For the past five years I have been living in Perth, Australia and really love Australia but have had this constant urge to return to Africa and try and document my Africa travels through this website and with plenty of photos. So I hope you enjoy ...

Things I am busy with:
  • Carne-de-Passage for the motorbike
  • Getting the bike ready
  • Crating the bike
  • Transporting the bike from Perth to Johannesburg (air freight)
  • Tool kits and bike spares
  • Camping gear (light weight)
  • Motorbike safety clothing
  • First Aid Equipment
  • Flights (for me) from Perth to Johannesburg
  • Travel Insurance
  • Sorting out money issues
  • Communications - Travel Sim

Will be in Johannesburg for a week or two before I set off - I am hoping to sort some visa issues out from there. (The majority of visa's can be purchased at the border posts - the only one I am really worried about is the Sudan visa. )

Decided to rent my home out for a few months so that is the biggest headache at the moment. Also need to organise furnature storage.

Cant wait to just get going!! Enough of all this organising nonsense ha ha

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Donna said...

This is all the "nonsense" we will want to hear. Makes it all more real! Good luck with all the little details... I know just what a pain they can all be.

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