March 31, 2011

THE BOOK - Stop Throwing Stones! Attacking Africa: a man and his motorbike.

One year on and Gareth Bok Davey has written a book describing his trans-African adventure.

Stop Throwing Stones is a book that details Gareth 'Bok' Davey's solo motorbike journey through Africa. It is a fascinating description of Africa: its land, its people and its history. It also describes a journey of self-discovery and his own internal struggle to understand the continent of his birth.

In 2010, Gareth 'Bok' Davey crossed Africa with his trusty motorbike, a KTM990 Adventure (Big Ken). The idea was to head from South Africa through east Africa and on to Egypt. The route was made up has he went along and the aim was to try and see as many interesting people and places as possible. Bok set off from Johannesburg on March 2010 and arrived in Cairo four months later. A journey he will never forget.

"Whether it was encounters with the Kikuyu people of Kenya or strolling through the wondrous pyramids of Giza, the experiences endured. The lands I visited mixed natural beauty with the harshest living conditions that Africans, through the centuries, have managed to endure. If they can endure this, they can endure anything. I experienced the beauty of the Mozambican coastline, the mouth-dropping setting of Lake Malawi, the open plains of the Serengeti, the majestic Kilimanjaro, the abundant Kenyan wildlife, the thunderous source of the Nile, the solitude of the ‘Road to Hell’, the dramatic Ethiopian highlands, the unrelenting heat of the Sahara, the life-giving Nile Valley and the overwhelming chaos of Cairo. Every location along the way provided its own challenges and held a unique reward that is embedded forever in my heart."

Stop Throwing Stones is a fascinating insight into Africa, its history and its people. It is bound in hard-cover, is over 250 pages long and has hundreds of photos of the journey. A must read for all African tourists.

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